How To Rent a Designer Bag in Sydney & Melbourne & Brisbane

How It Works

Go from Christian Dior this week, to Louis Vuitton next week, at the click of a button. Simply choose your desired Luxe item from our exclusive, hand-picked collection, check availability, then follow the easy steps to secure your booking.

Your chosen Luxe number will arrive at your doorstep on the selected delivery date, polished and pristine. Pair it with a fashionable outfit and prepare to turn heads. Rock it (and care for it) as if it was your own.

The final (and hardest) step is letting go. L's team are sweet enough to send you a courtesy reminder the day before your rental is due. Enclosed will be a prepaid satchel for you to return via Australia Post. Return it in the same condition as recieved and start searching for your next Luxe borrow.


Easy Quick Checkout

Once you’ve chosen your Luxe item, checked availability and are ready to rock it, follow the easy steps to checkout.


Need help?

You can count on us to assist. Feel free to read through our FAQs and if your query is to be answered, contact us at any point and our team will respond as promptly as we can.

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