YSL: Everyone's favourite for renting designer bags!
YSL: Everyone's favourite for renting designer bags!
  Thursday Jan, 2017

The Luxe Collection by L's most rented and rocked brand is unsurprisngly (they're just to-die-for!) Saint Laurent! Even more specificially, it seems girls are just going crazy over our selection of the signature monogram clutches. The Luxe Collection by L has scoured the stores to handpick the most popular bags of the season in a range of colours from bright mangenta to vibrant gold and perfect shades of nude that are certain to compliment any weekend outfit - day or night.

In honour of this, here's a look into the history of the most popular bags available for hire from The Luxe Collection by L. 

Saint Laurent Paris also formerly known as Yves Saint Laurent or YSL is a French luxury fashion house founded by Yves Henri Donat Mathieu-Saint-Laurent in 1961. YSL is one of the world’s most prominent fashion houses and known for its modern and iconic pieces, designed for both men and women. 

In his biography, ‘Yves Saint Laurent: the battle for his life story’, Yves is dubed as “the century’s most notorious fashion designer”. A label whose three intertwined initials had revolutionized Parisian fashion in the 60's, scandalized the 70's, stamped themselves in the 80's and now embossing itself on pieces. 

In 2013, the creative director Hedi Slimane, changed the brands name from Yves Saint Laurent to Saint Laurent Paris however chose to keep the iconic three letters in the logo. The change without the founder’s forename led to a backlash from fans who felt Slimane was doing great disfavor to the famous Parisian designer, creating a shirt to which read “Ain’t Laurent Without Yves” sold by influential retailers like Collette and Kitsune. 

Never the less, Slimane designed The Luxe Collection by L’s most rented and desired clutches, the YSL Monogram clutch range.

The first;

Saint Laurent Classic Small Croc Monogram Tassel and the Classic Small Snake Monogram Tassel

‘Classic and stylish but a bit edgy’. Get your fierce animal print on in a black and silver crocodile or golden snake embossed with YSL and a tassel dripping from the front fold. Small enough to compliment any formal outfit, but roomy enough to wear everyday and pop your most needed items in. Worn as a cross body bag, sling shoulder bag or double strap handbag. This very popular and oh-so-desirable bag in black and silver RRP at $2,575 yet can be rented for $160 a weekend while the gold RRP at $2,799 and can be rented for $165 a weekend. 


Saint Laurent Classic Kate Monogram Clutch:

Crocodile, dove white, royal blue, vanilla, magenta, red, pastel blue, pink and camel. The Kate Monogram clutch is classic, sleek, sexy and comes in a mirage of colours to choose from. Make the bag your statement piece or the perfect match to any ensemble. RRP starting at $1880 these standout pieces you can rent designer bags for just $140 a weekend.  

This year The Luxe Colleciton by L has also added to the YSL collection by adding the perfect shade of nude in the classic small monogram satchel as well as some bohemian loving with the Kate clutch in crocodile camel

So, which one of Yves iconic bags will you be renting first ? 


xoxo L. 

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