Louis Vuitton Handbags - Every Girl’s Best Friend
Louis Vuitton Handbags - Every Girl’s Best Friend
  Tuesday Dec, 2017

Louis Vuitton Handbags - Every Girl’s Best Friend

“The Louis Vuitton woman is more about quality - a quality within some women that needs to come forward to be noticed and recognised” Marc Jacobs

There are many items that a fashionista may consider as a staple or must have in their closet, and it’s no secret that a classic Louis Vuitton bag is named among them. Take for example, the wide range of clutches we have available for hire, from dainty and timeless pieces to complement any outfit to more formal or casual styles. It’s pretty much unheard of when a Louis Vuitton didn’t suit an outfit, and that’s the beauty of them. They’ll go with anything you wear.

Louis Vuitton bags are the most durable:

This isn’t too hard to believe because even those who aren’t fans of the brand know that their bags are typically very well made, one of the best amongst the stable of luxury brands. More particularly, their traditional classics. In the case of a bag needing repairs Louis Vuitton also tops the ranks in their customer service. Their bags are also completely waterproof and highly resistant to surface scratches which is a fashionista MUST especially when donning these beauties for events and celebrations.

With Christmas festivities well underway you’ll want a perfect addition which you can hire for the day, weekend or the month. Starting from as low as $100 per weekend you can hire a stunning Louis Vuitton handbag and look a million dollars, without the hefty price tag of purchasing the bag.  

Take for example the stunning Favourite MM Damier Azur Canvas this classic is the perfect little purse to strut around with. The versatile Pochette can be worn multiple ways; cross-body, clutch or shoulder bag with detachable strap & chain and can be hired for only $110 for the weekend.

How about a little baby pink to complement a softer number if you’re more into the colour blocking with pastel tones. We have the perfect Louis for you, our Chain Louis PM in bubblegum. It’s glossy, girly & super cute! The smallest of the 'Louis' range can be worn as cross-body, shoulder and clutch (detachable gold chain). This piece proves the old saying: ‘fashion fades but style remains eternal’ and can be hired for as low as $165 per weekend. They’re also available in both matte and patent black.

If neither of those are you, we’re sure this is. Our stunning Ana purse in patent nude. This little gem will go with any outfit for any occasion and can be styled in three different ways, cross body, as clutch, or a simple shoulder look. This purse will only set you back $150 per weekend and will go with a formal or more casual look.

Now if these reasons haven’t yet inspired you to get onto our website and hire your next stunning piece for the upcoming festive season - we hope that these next few reasons will.

Worn many times by the iconic and ever stylish woman herself, Audrey Hepburn - Louis Vuitton has since grown exponentially is a globally renowned luxury brand delivering the goods that not only look stylish but are carefully curated and crafted with delicate precision to produce quality and class.

Moreover, every Louis Vuitton bag tells a story and that story is yours every time you decide to include a bag in your ensemble. Don it as you wish and own your look with a piece of class for a piece of the price, by hiring your favourite Louise Vuitton handbag at The Luxe Collection by L. 

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