Hire a designer bag and rock the 90’s Look
Hire a designer bag and rock the 90’s Look
  Friday Jul, 2017

If you’re up to date this season, you’ll notice the resurgence of the 90’s— a decade of iconic fashion trends. From colourful ensembles to dynamic denim garments, The 90’s wasn’t just a decade; it was a fashion movement that completely changed the face of the industry. If you lived through the 90’s you might recount owning slip dresses, crop tops and maybe even a pair of flare jeans! Let’s take a trip down memory lane and highlight the trends that have made a comeback! Of course, we’ve based these looks around our incredible selection of designer bags that you can rent for the weekend and bring the 90’s fashion to life again.



Vanity Box Bag


The 90’s was home to some incredible women, with entrepreneurs, singers and politicians all lining up to break records and taboos with an abundance of talent and great style. We were all inspired by these boss ladies at one point in time including women like Princess Diana and Carrie Bradshaw. The 90’s established a third wave of feminism, inspiring a blur between men and women’s fashion. Pantsuits were in, and with them came stylish edgy accessories, with the box style bag being one of them! Our Chanel Vanity Box bag is the perfect symbol of feminism. Resembling a briefcase style, this bag is bound to complete your outfit so that you look both trendy and sophisticated. Rent it here.





Logo Print Iconic Clutch


In the 90’s it was all about making a statement! The classic logo print and monochromic style was a major trend and was mostly adopted through casual wear and street style. When you imagine these trends you might think back to your favourite 90’s TV shows like Saved by the Bell and The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air. These sporty street trends influenced artists across all genres of music and even became the style craze of the youth. If you were a 90’s kid, our latest Givenchy logo print clutch will have you feeling nostalgic. It’s the perfect clutch to pair with a denim outfit and will make your casual outfit just a little more luxe. Rent it here.




Saint Laurent

Classic Monogram Clutch


If you were a fashionista in the 90’s you might have been daring enough to rock neon accents. Why? Because brighter was always better! Colours like yellow, orange and hot pink dominated our runways and our wardrobes. Bright ensembles became symbols of the women we all aspired to be. These bright colours were rocked by TV personalities like Cher Horowitz from ‘Clueless’ and everyone’s favourite 90’s girl band, the Spice Girls! If you wish to revive this trend, we recommend renting our magenta Saint Laurent Classic Monogram Clutch. It’s the perfect colour to amp up the fun in your outfit, plus who wouldn’t want to hold a YSL clutch? Rent it here.



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