Rent a Designer bag for Christmas in July
Rent a Designer bag for Christmas in July
  Friday Jul, 2017

Here in Australia, we enjoy the Christmas festivities in the blissful summer, opening presents by the pool whilst sipping on tropical punch. Although we wouldn’t trade it for the world, we can’t deny that we envy the Christmas festivities in the Northern Hemisphere. Who doesn’t love the idea of mingling around the winter street markets in a stylish coat and a YSL handbag? You can now enjoy the winter season combined with your favourite holiday because Christmas in July is in order!


Winter trends comprise our favourite fashion garments like oversized coats, faux fur shawls and thigh-high boots. When celebrating Christmas in July, it’s only appropriate that you stick to the right colour scheme— crimson red, deep emerald and a whole lot of sparkle! Here’s our Christmas in July collection that you can rent now



The colour red has always been synonymous with the Christmas season, symbolising the colour of holly and of course, the iconic Santa Clause. Red is usually the most popular colour rocked by fashion lovers during the festive season. We recommend making a red statement with none other than the Gucci XL leather mini bag. It’s a stunning piece that features a detachable strap so you can rock it as a handbag or hold it as a clutch for your winter outing. Rent it here.



Gold is bold! As one of the most symbolic Christmas colours, this warm colour can be found in the crackling fireplace and adorning the Christmas tree. Comprising gold colours with your outfit can be achieved with our YSL classic snake monogram that will definitely make heads turn. As a limited edition bag, you can’t go wrong with this stunning gem. Pair it with other bold colours like red and emerald, or amp up the colour in your monogram outfit by rocking it at your next event. Rent it here.



Emerald green— the colour of the Christmas tree and mistletoe. Like red, the colour is one of the most recognised for the season. It also happens to be a popular winter shade, which is precisely why you should rock it in July! At The Luxe Collection by L, we have the hottest green bag of the season, the Bvlgari Serpentini! Nothing screams “statement bag” like this beauty. It can be styled with neutral street wear or even paired with a bold black dress. Rent it here.



Last but not least is the newbie of our designer bag collection— The Versace Crystal Medusa Sultan bag in purple! This bag landed just in time for Christmas in July, reminding us of the vibrant decorations of the Christmas tree. The glimmering finish and silver medusa ornament will have you standing out at your next event, plus the royal purple colour is a unique shade that can be experimented with numerous colours! Make this bag your next statement piece and rent it here.  


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