Rent designer bags that channel out your inner Wonder Woman
Rent designer bags that channel out your inner Wonder Woman
  Monday Jun, 2017

Gal Gadot graced our movie screens in recent weeks representing the legendary super heroin, Wonder Woman. With a gorgeous face and killer curves, the new Wonder Woman has pierced the hearts of many. She isn’t just a feminist icon – she’s the feminist icon. This super heroine embodies femininity, justice and intelligence combined with classic superhero charisma. It doesn’t end there. Her killer outfits showcased throughout the film have inspired the fashion world, particularly through the classic colour scheme of red, blue and gold. Lucky for you ladies, our Luxe Collection features a range of bags in these bold colours so you can channel out your inner Wonder Woman at your next event.

Small Chain cross-body
As a colour that signifies strength and boldness, the colour red is for those who want to make a statement. Wonder Woman is the epitome of fierceness and those who are inspired by her confidence can channel out this trait with the lovely Valentino clutch. Wear it with an LBD as a statement piece or pair it with a simple pair of denim jeans and your favourite pumps. Rent it here.

Saint Laurent
Classic Kate Croc Monogram Clutch
Blue is for independence and beauty. In the film, Gal Gadot is presented as the ultimate goddess, dressed in a flowing blue gown. The deep, rich blue carries a sense of peace and serenity whilst reflecting Wonder Woman in her true element. Like red, the colour can be rocked as a bold accessory colour. Our favourite blue Saint Laurent clutch is perfect for any lady who wishes to express her inner superhero. Rent it here.


Jimmy Choo
Margot Coarse Glitter Clutch
Gold is for power and opulence and is representational of Wonder Woman’s mythical origins. The colour is a highlight of her magnificent powers and can be exhibited by any woman who wishes to be the IT-girl of the party. Our best pick is the gold Jimmy Choo glitter clutch as it showcases the inner goddess in all of us. Rent it here.



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