The best designer handbags to rent for your bag essentials
The best designer handbags to rent for your bag essentials
  Thursday Jun, 2017

After an entire week of your repetitive routine, hearing the unbearable ring of your endless emails and waking up to the siren of much needed beauty sleep, the time has come to shake things up and catch up on your mandatory social life. It’s time to gather up your stamina, slip into a stylish dress and pair it with a handbag—a designer handbag of course.

Being the fierce lady that you are, you get into feminine-mode and start getting ready to hit the town with your girlfriends or head out for a lovely dinner with some family members. Within no time, your makeup is seamless, your outfit is super stylish and you suddenly feel human again. Your Uber is arriving in 2 minutes and the only thing left to worry about is what you will slip into your fashion clutch. The big question is… What will you REALLY need? We get it. No female is the same and what some ladies might consider to be their “essentials” is nowhere near enough for others. Here are some of our top designer clutches and what you would fit inside th
em depending on what type of boss lady you are.


The Minimalist
The party doesn’t start until you arrive. You plan on dancing the night away until you can’t feel your feet so why worry about unnecessary items that are going to be a nuisance to carry? If you’re a minimalist, you’re a carefree spirit who spends your weekends ridding yourself of bad energy from the hectic week. Inside your clutch, you simply pack your phone, credit card, chewing gum and your lipstick for top-ups. The most appropriate bag for the minimalist is the Chanel chevron wallet on chain. It’s small enough to fit the basics and big enough still be a statement accessory.
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The Rationalist 
You’re the boss lady who needs to be prepared for whatever situation might unfold. Your night usually consists of socialising, catching up with friends and some dancing after a drink (or two).
rationalist is prepared for the best and worst so it’s only right that she packs her wallet, phone, lipstick, face compact, painkillers and sanitary items. The most suitable bag for the rationalist would have to be the Louis Vuitton Louise Clutch. It’s a comfortable size to fit the extra items and is suitable for any occasion.
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The Extremist
You’re the type of girl that Beyoncé writes songs about. You’re an independent, fierce woman who is always open for the best opportunities. You see every 

social outing as a way to establish yourself and make you mark. The extremist is impeccably presented and perfectly composed. Of course, this flawless nature doesn’t come easy. It’s mainlybecause you hold your entire universe in your handbag. Other than the basics, your essentials include your daily planner, mini perfume, makeup bag, the latest novel you’re reading, Band-Aids, roll-up flats and a little snack. The best bag for the extremist from our collection has to be the Gucci Dionysus shoulder bag because let’s be real, a handbag is the only way to hold so many items. Lucky enough, the Gucci shoulder bag is features the iconic designer print that never goes out of style.Rent it here.

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