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Designer Bags for Rent this Race Season
  Friday Sep, 2016

Spring carnival is our favourite time of year- the time to embrace florals, don pretty pastels, welcome touches of lace; and the best of all, clasp the latest new collection designer bags.

With Melbourne Cup and Derby Day nearing, women Australia-wide are sorting through unworn frocks, scanning the newest collections online and waiting in queues to try on the perfect outfits for each. Derby Day’s black and white only dress code makes the selection even more limited, but arguably, even easier when given something to work with.

Amongst the nation’s most fashionable events, spring carnival season boasts one of most popular times of the year for race-goers. It is their time to shine, their time to show off and their time to dress up (and who doesn’t love dressing up).

In line with this excitement is the stress it brings in perfecting the right outfit and then accessorising with the complementing shoes and bags. For Melbourne Cup, the staple is the hat or headpiece. This means, the other important additions such as the shoes or bags can be neglected. Where bags are concerned, The Luxe Collection by L has you covered.

The high expenses associated with Spring carnival means lower bag budgets- this is where designer bags for rent is the answer to your prayers. Just in time for the season, we have a whole collection of the newest in Louis Vuitton, Chanel and both Christians - Dior and Louboutin, just to name a few.

This Spring, we’re seeing metallics, neons, neutrals, and of course, florals. But changing trends means us fashionistas can find it hard to keep up and continue to update our wardrobe based on the season to have what’s new and hot. Again, this is where designer bags for rent is the solution to this first world problem. Rather than spending dollars on one occasion or a one-time wear, or sticking to that classic black or nude designer bag purchased in Spring / Summer ’16 that was added to the wardrobe for the longevity it presents, hiring a designer bag offers the temporary ease of carrying the bag you have always wanted, but will probably never buy.

The largest pro of renting a designer bag for the upcoming Spring racing season is that there is no commitment! Like a spring fling, you don’t have to feel tied to this Luxe item, and if you leave your options open, each weekend have access to a new romance- no promise, no pledge - just an adherence to the “no repeat outfits” policy.

For a mix of versatility and trend-setting; a hint of classic; and a sprinkle of oh-so-fashionable, we’ve chosen our top 3 (yes only 3) picks for the perfect Race Season designer bags for rent.

Our Darling Dior: Diorama Wallet on Chain in Blush Pink


Why we love it:

  • It complements any colour
  • It’s small enough to be neat and nifty; but practical enough to fit the essentials- mobile phone, credit card and lipstick
  • It’s Dior

Wear it with:

This shade of pink perfectly presents itself at a subtle accent to complement busy, floral prints; or add a fashionable pop-of-colour to monochrome
Rent it now:

Enter the Gucci Garden: Gucci Dionysus Garden Exclusive


Of course, in the Spring theme, this amazing piece of art made the list of our top three picks.

Why we love it:

  • We grabbed this exclusively
  • It has a compilation of pretty floral and delicate animal essences- finished off with the tiger head closure
  • Can you get more statement-making?

Wear it with:

Ruffles, tulle, bows and everything in between. Making a statement in itself, this print and style will add the perfect accent to any style you are going for. The fusion of colours makes it the seamless fit for a broad spectrum from pastels to deep hues.

Rent it now:

A Rose Romance: Alexander McQueen Rose Embroidery Knuckle Box Clutch


A signature piece of World McQueen, this knuckle box clutch is the perfect representation of how “pretty” should be done. Chic, rock and fashion-forward all in one, this delicate red on nude edition is a blossoming romance in itself.

Why we love it:

  • It’s a medley of florals for femininity; red for passion and lace for a hint of sexy
  • It’s signature Alex
  • The knuckleduster clasp, believe it or not, is so handy!

Wear it with:

Complements and contrasts. Rock this accessory with the perfectly matching frock, or the perfectly un-matching frock. Pairing with colours, styles or prints with distinct differences can be so wrong, it’s right! Make a statement with this statement-making piece.

Rent it now:

All styles are currently available for hire at and are in high demand, so get in quick to avoid further disappointment! Xoxo L

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