The History of the Chanel Designer Handbag
The History of the Chanel Designer Handbag
  Thursday May, 2017

It’s every fashionista’s dream to rock a Chanel bag. It's timeless, iconic and still as relevant to customers who love luxury today, as it was back in the 1950s. Chain straps and quilted leather have become nearly synonymous with the idea of the designer handbag, and the Chanel flap is arguably the most well-known bag throughout the world.

The first Chanel bag was designed by Gabrielle Chanel in the early 1920s when “Coco” was inspired by the backpacks of soldiers. She decided to extend straps into her own carryall to save her carrying her bag in her hands for practicality. In February 1955, she launched the quilted bag, designed with a long, chained strap and named it 2.55. Since its launch, the bag has remained a legendary accessory for women of all ages, backgrounds and social status’. The genius of the Chanel bag can be found in its versatility as it has managed to be the perfect accessory, be its wearer in jeans or evening attire, artfully untidy or prim and put together, for over half a century, invading not only our wardrobes but our global fashion culture.

Gabriel Coco Chanel
Gabrielle "Coco" Chanel, photographed by Ronny Jacques, Lausanne, Switzerland, 1969

The Chanel designer bag has forever been captured on some of the most public figures of the modern age. Whether the bag is slipped over the shoulder of a sensibly suited Princess Diana during an official visit or clasped in the hands of the edgy Cara Delevigne, it communicates a much-sought-after sense of sophistication and polish. Although the iconic handbags have been modified and modernised, they remain as a symbol of Coco’s childhood— from the crimson-red interior lining (which represents the uniform of orphans) to the quilted leather finish (a tribute to Coco’s love of horses and jockeys).

Princess Diana Chanel

12 years after Coco’s death in 1971, Karl Lagerfeld took over the design house as artistic director and eventually introduced the interlocking “CC” clasp, leather threading and the other unique details we know now. Since Lagerfeld’s takeover, he also reintroduced the 2.55 luxury bag as well as many other unique designs such as the much acclaimed Boy Bag in 2011. No matter what the style, Chanel handbags are the most recognisable IT-bags.

Whether you want to give a classic twist to a chic outfit or add a bit of elegance to a casual look, the chanel bag remains a stylish option that will never let you down. It’s practically a fashion blasphemy not to have a little bit of Chanel in your closet. We know how pricey these designer bags can be to buy, which is why with us you can hire one, or two, or three or 10 instead and still be saving.

Legendary models, socialites and royals have carried Chanel bags and hey, you might not marry a prince or be the next IT-girl in Hollywood, but just like these legendary women, you can make your mark with a Chanel bag from our collection on site!

Source: Chanel

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