Luxury Hand Bag Rentals for the Aussie Fashionista
Luxury Hand Bag Rentals for the Aussie Fashionista
  Monday Mar, 2017

European Fashion is one of the most dominant influences in the world, and that influence definitely reaches down under. In Australia we’ve fused this influence with our own unique fashion voice. Whatever the season or event, Aussie women know how to dress and make a statement whilst doing so. We are undoubtedly a nation of well-dressed women, with the fashionistas of each state owning their distinctive styles. Here are our favourite designer bags to suit the fashion styles of each Aussie city!

Sydney, New South Wales

The Sydney girl is the life of the party who is always up for a night out. We imagine her to be edgy, fun and always impeccable. The Sydney girl would never go wrong with the nude Louis Vuitton Ana bag. Rent it here.

Melbourne, Victoria

Melbourne has long been regarded as the fashion capital of Australia. When we see the Melbournian fashionista, we imagine a chic, polished woman. The best pick for a branded designer bag for the Melbourne girl would have to be the Chanel Classic Caviar Flap bag. Rent it here.

Brisbane, Queensland

Sunshine, beaches and everything blissful! When we think of the Brisbane girl, we envision a woman draped in pastel colours, inspired by the some of the nation's most incredible coastlines. Our pick for the Brisbane girl is definitely the Christian Dior Diorama clutch. Rent it here.

Adelaide, South Australia

Adelaide is home to amazing food, delectable wine and quality company. We imagine the typical Adelaide girl to be a laid back lady who is always ready for a good time. Our best pick for the Adelaide girl has to be the Sequin Louise Chain bag by Louis Vuitton. Rent it here.

Perth, Western Australia

Perth; where the urban life meets nature. We imagine the typical Perth lady to be an adventurous one who loves the outdoors but is always down for a round of cocktails at the local city bar. In that case, our best choice for the Perth girl is definitely the Giuseppe Zanotti Cleopatra bag. Rent it here.

Hobart, Tasmania

Hobart is the city apart, a place of wild and beautiful landscapes; friendly, welcoming people and a chilled lifestyle. We envision the Hobart fashionista dressed to impress and looking her best! Therefore, the Hobart girl would never go wrong with Christian Dior Diorama flap bag in champagne. Rent it here.

So ladies, it doesn’t matter which Australian town you call home, you can rent a branded designer bag because we deliver nation wide!

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