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What to Hire When You Want to Hire a Designer Bag
  Friday Sep, 2016

What to Hire When You Want to Hire a Designer Bag 
Serpenti Forever, Forever

If someone gave you an option to choose a designer bag from a range of luxury fashion houses, with the likes of Christian Dior, Louis Vuitton and Chanel, to name a few, how would you possibly choose?

Designer bags for hire are a great way to accessorise every outfit differently- no matter the style, season or reason. With designers offering different seasonal trends four times per year, but still having a classic collection, the limits are endless and the wish-list is ever-growing. Hiring, over buying, is the new way to have what you want, when you want, with less of the commitment. 

Luxury should be an enjoyable experience. After all, luxury is attention to detail. So, if you are adding a touch of Luxe to your outfit, we think it is important to know a little background information, to add a little more appreciation. To the average consumer, it may be about aesthetics, but to the Luxe lady, it delves a little deeper and is about the history behind; significance of; and intricacy put into each and every thought in creating these exception designer pieces. 

Here are a few questions our fashionistas often ask when they want to hire a designer bag:

  • What is the most statement piece from the collection?
  • What screams luxury?
  • What is iconic, yet original?
    (and the most important of the lot)
  • What can I choose that no one else with have?

In line with our mantra of “no repeat outfits” the Bvlgari Serpenti was carefully selected as an addition to our collection for three (of many) reasons:

  1. When you hire a designer bag, you want something unique
  2. When you hire a designer bag, you want something exceptional
  3. When you hire a designer bag, you want something perfectly fitting for the occassion

When we began researching the history and inspiration behind certain key pieces amongst many seasonal collections, we were most inspired by the Serpenti, Forever. Just as the name suggests, it draws inspiration from power, status and something signifying longevity and eternity. Apart from the style name, the fashion empire itself has an incredible history, raising its status to one of the most favorable power houses in the world. 

Best known for opulent jewelry and timeless timepieces, it was only recently that Italian Bvlgari began with a leather goods collection. What better to introduce the range than with one of the brand’s most iconic representations- the serpent?!

With a reputation in designing and hand-making intricate fine jewelry and holding a legacy of over three generations before being acquired by LVMH (an empire that knows a thing or two about luxury), Bvlgari took a risk for the better in the release of its leather goods collection- tailoring to their niche market who were longing for the next “It-Bag” in the high-end luxury market. 

Stemming from a 1940’s legacy, where jewelry creation had a radical shift in the post World War Two era, the Serpenti icon was part of the movement which saw designs become more refined and natural. Featuring first on a wrap-around bracelet, the iconic serpent symbol is the most recognizable in the Italian fashion house- the subject of this week’s designer bag hire pick! Being a true representation of supremacy, style and empowerment (all the things a woman loves) the Serpenti, like a serpent is a symbol of domination and sovereignty. Fashion-forward women donning this icon do not only know how to uplift any outfit, but how to show the world they are head-strong, powerful and ready to make their mark.

With the availability of the style in various finishes, including exotic skins and seasonal shades, we narrowed our selection to our favourite of the lot- emerald green.

Why Emerald? 

Besides being the colour of Queen Cleopatra’s favourite jewel, emerald is considered as a symbol of eternal life, love and hope. 

Combining the elements of the symbolic serpent and the symbolic regal emerald, the finishing touches of this Luxe number is sure to accent any outfit, from a little black dress to an all-white Summer frock. 

For a signature style insight, here are a few more looks we would pair this number with:

Partnering either a casual pant; and everyday spring outfit or an evening outfit, the bag is versatile, available in a convenient size (to both fit your lipstick, perfume and mobile phone; and still look fashionable in the medium size range); and enough to make Luxe ladies stand out from a crowd. 
Unlike traditional black and neutral coloured bags we often opt for, this colour presents itself as a daring option, but yet so adaptable to different styles. 

The next opportunity you have to hire a designer bag, remember, Bvlgari is the new black!  

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